In All the Empty Places, Part Sixteen

Note: I am so, so, SO sorry! I had no idea that it had been so long between my last post and this one! (I could almost die of embarrassment, honestly.) This gigantic break between chapters thing has got to stop. There’s still so much story left to tell! But on the bright side, nearly a year after hitting the worst case of writer’s block I’d ever had in my entire life, the adventures of Johanna and Abel are about to resume once more! So here we go again…


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Hooray, I finally found the music for Johanna's CoX video!

It's about damned time, too - since I've been dying to do a video of her kicking the crap out of people in CITY OF HEROES (and believe it or not, I'm doing an anime video of her as well, since I think I found a good series that I can use to represent Jo).  Yay!  

(The music, btw, is Highland's remix of "O Fortuna" (from CARMINA BURANA) by Carl Orff.

And I've started writing random scenes from later in the books - I just need to finish the chapters that I'm UP to!



One of those weird things I never really considered at the time...

I've always been a creature of instinct - I do things and then only later do I find the rationale for doing something.  It's like fate nudges me to do something, and then afterward I find the subtle reasoning behind it.  And it wasn't until I did some online research that I realize I did it again...

Johanna Sinclair gets her name as a tongue-in-cheek reference to a character of mine I'd created for the role-playing game MUTANT CHRONICLES.  In that game, "Johanna Sinclair" (actually there spelled as "St. Clair") was one of the aliases of my Brotherhood Revisor (read: Church assassin).  Her true name was lost as she was an orphan, left as a baby on the steps of the Cathedral on Luna, and she later was given the name "Christian Apollyon" by the Brotherhood.  (No symbolism THERE, is there?)  Now, the choice of naming her "Christian Apollyon" was deliberate, but given that she occasionally did espionage work in Imperial territory, she used the pseudonym "Johanna St. Clair" when operating in their territory.  Back then, I chose it because it sounded good and proper and British (which is what the Imperial Megacorporation is based on).

And later, when the protagonist from "Unexpected Results" found herself in the world of TRINITY BLOOD, and Abel opts to create a false identity for her, I thought it'd be hilarious to name her after my Church assassin.

Then I started researching the names "Johanna" and "Sinclair"... and once again, fate is tapping me on the shoulder.

"Johanna" (or Joanna) is the name of a wealthy and independent woman who left her husband to follow Christ on His travels.  She is also one of the Myrrhbearers - the women who stood by Christ at the time of the Crucifixion, later went to the cave and were told by the angel that He'd been resurrected, and ran to tell the Apostles of what had happened.  Not surprisingly, they weren't immediately believed.

And depending on whether you believe certain historians, she is also considered to be one of the Apostles (not one of the Twelve Disciples).

"Sinclair" has two meanings - one is "Sint Clair", Norman French for "clear well" or "clear pool".  The other is a reference to "St. Clare" (either St. Clare of Assisi or St. Clare of the Cross).  If the former, it's truly irony because St. Clare of Assisi is, believe it or not, the patron saint of television.

Anyone else find this more than just a bit eerie? 
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Abel and Johanna- Sims2 style

The future residents of the currently under construction Anime City need your help. Anime City was created to house my favorite anime characters. It is a kind of what if they left their designated shows and wanted to live normal lives project.  Abel and Johanna are a bit different then my normal favorites and require a bit more effort to design then my other recreations. If anyone is interested...

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7/5/08 Update-I have a potential Abel but my recreation of Johanna seems to have stalled.
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The urge to write...

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I tripped over today's prompt from the 31_days community and this just came out:

Prompt = Blood and bone and a little bit of night music

"Holding Her Together"

She does not speak as she prowls the corridors of the Vatican. On the surface, she seems serene, but her movements betray her, be it her reflexively clenching hands, the slightly-too-abrupt movement of her head as she glances around her, or the barely perceptible swaying of her body as though moving to some rhythm only she can hear. As Sister Johanna steps outside into the gardens of the Vatican, she does not pause as per her usual habit. Instead, she runs her fingers through her long hair as the wind tosses it around her face, blowing it across her eyes, momentarily obscuring her face.
For the last hour, she has resisted the impulses building inside of her, the almost compusive need to move, to run, to escape, but the emptiness inside of her at last has driven her outside, away from the quiet refuge of her room.
Then a hand comes to rest on her shoulder and she whirls around, nearly giving in to the urge to shriek. But then she registers the presence of Father Leon, his dark eyes concerned and his face somber.
He does not remove his hand, even though he can clearly see that she wants to be away from where she is. She is trembling, but he does not know why.
"What's wrong?" It takes an effort to keep his voice low and gentle, instead of his usual boisterous tone.
"I... I...." She shakes her head, her hair rippling around her shoulders as she does so. Then she lets out a frustrated sigh, and clenches her hands again. "I... need a favor."
"You?" He's surprised - it's not in Johanna's nature to admit she needs help, although he's not been able to decide if it's because of pride, or because of a fear of rejection.
She nods once, but doesn't meet his eyes directly, and Leon senses that this is hard for her, whatever it is.
"Well... what do you need?"
For a moment, she remains motionless, her body radiating tension, her eyes gauging him and his reaction. Then she seems satisfied with what she sees, because she abruptly steps forward, wraps her arms around his waist, and tightly embraces him as she hides her face against his shoulder. She feels his startled response as he almost steps away from her, but she holds tightly to him, feeling hard muscle and rough skin under her hands and her cheek. All at once, the effort of holding back the tremors becomes too much, and her entire body begins to shake as the first sobs finally work their way up from her chest.
"Please..." she whispers, her voice cracking as the tears start to flow. "I..."
Thankfully, he understands, and she feels two strong arms wrap around her, holding her close. He becomes her anchor, and she willingly draws on the strength that he offers as she lets the facade of control shatter. She clings to him, the only reality for her being the solid warmth of him. His heartbeat is strong against her cheek, and the scent of him fills her lungs as she inhales with each gulping, sobbing breath.
She does not dare to unclench her fists where they rest against his shoulderblades, because she fears that if she does, she will dig them into him in a misguided, desperate attempt to hold him even closer. So she keeps them tightly closed, instead holding on with her arms until they tremble.
She squeezes her eyes more tightly closed, and wills herself to remember how it felt to hold her husband like this, how it felt for him to hold her when it seemed the world was going to break her. But that memory fades a little more each day, until finally she realizes that she has almost forgotten how it feels to be held... to be protected against the world. But something has drawn her to the only other person who would understand.
And so Leon holds Johanna, holding her in his arms as though holding her together as she sobs out the loneliness she can no longer deny to herself



Another one shot

For some reason I kept finding myself obsessing over unmentioned and largely irrelevent details of the TB-verse (and, often enough, real life). Since Daniel is basically me with a few alterations and improvements, I thought it might be interesting to have him do the same thing. Warning: contains fridge logic and a certain amount of hole picking. 

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