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The Johanna/Abel Playlist - UPDATED!

Over the weekend, I got to talking with my friend

trystan_laryssa about the music I use when I write, and on a whim, i created a playlist that does a pretty good job of summing up the relationship between Abel and Johanna. (I'm working on uploading these to my server so you can hear them for yourselves.) UPDATED on JULY 24TH!

Jekyll and Hyde - No One Knows Who I Am
This song is the perfect start because it beautifully epitomizes both Abel and Johanna in that the truth about them remains an enigma. Even when they share that truth with others, while others might know, none of them understand. And at times, even they doubt that they understand themselves.

Breaking Benjamin - Breath
Johanna and Abel's partnership, however, is not without its problems. Each has the power to completely destroy the other emotionally. But even more than that, this song is the representation of their working relationship, in that both of them must be willing to sacrifice each other if that's what it will take to get the job done, as well as the notion that getting involved emotionally may get both of them killed.

Nightwish - Walking in the Air
Still, there is an almost magic quality to their friendship, and when they are with one another, there is a sense of freedom and joy that can only come when two people understand each other as they do. And, quite frankly, I can't help but imagining that as a symbol of that understanding, Abel transforms to his winged Crusnik form and takes Johanna on a flight.

Evans Blue - Cold
However, this closeness has a price - it would be painfully easy to let the nature of their relationship change. Also, the song has themes of a desperately needed control that is beginning to crack, which neither of them wants to face. And the fact that neither has ever met someone like the other is a fact that makes their relationship far more dangerous than they realize.

Celine Dion - All by Myself
Both Johanna and Abel, despite being warm and friendly, are inherently loners. They can function just fine alone, and yet there is a feeling that they learned how to do it because they are afraid of losing people that matter to them. And slowly, the walls begin to come down between them as each recognizes the feeling in the other.

Scorpions - Are You the One
The song that best describes Abel's questions about Johanna - while theirs is not a romantic relationship, what Abel has been yearning for is acceptance of all that he is... and when Johanna arrives, Abel wonders if for the first time, his prayer has been answered. By the same token, for Johanna, used to always being shunned for being different, Abel's acceptance and offer of friendship is something she cherishes deeply.

Delirium featuring Sarah McLachlan - Silence
It is not always what we say, but what we don't say that speaks for us. The emotional resonance between them defies understanding, but in their own ways, they are creatures of passion, and stilling those passions is proving difficult.

Linda Eder - Unusual Way
Moreso Johanna than Abel, this is the song that represents that Abel has made her what she is, at least as far as her alternate identity goes. However, there is also no denying that Johanna is having an influence of her own on the priest, but neither of them knows what will come of the other's presence.

Depeche Mode - Halo
Both Abel and Johanna are plagued by guilt (both consciously and subconsciously), and that guilt affects the vast majority of what they do. However, rather than dealing with their own problems, it is easier to help someone else with theirs.

Conjure One - Damascus
The song has no lyrics, but it has a deep, almost religious feel, and an almost unbearable sense of sadness. This sadness is at the very heart of both Abel and Johanna, driving them in ways they cannot begin to comprehend. However, it is also this same sadness that brings the two of them together, because on an unspoken level, they recognize it in one another.

Gerard McMann - Cry Little Sister
A warped and twisted take on the religious nature of their relationship, tinged with a hint of sexuality. Johanna and Abel are two of the most unlikely clergy ever to exist, and it is all too easy to get Freudian about their connection to each other.

Sarah McLachlan - Angel
Not only the song that represents the pain and loss relationship-wise that they have both endured, this is also the song that Johanna sings to Abel as she gives her life to him.

Chicago - Come in from the Night
Both of them have secrets (even from each other and themselves), and this song is about the games that they play to keep those secrets to themselves, even while the other tries to persuade them to open up. Also, darkness looms over both of them (in different ways), and Abel and Johanna are constantly striving to rescue each other from it.

Europe - Tomorrow
Not so much about love as it is about their friendship, this is the song that beautifully expresses all the desperate hopes and fears of Johanna and Abel's relationship. Johanna is afraid that she will lose Abel the way she lost her husband, while Abel fears that he will lose her either the way he lost Lilith and Noelle (or that she will be pulled back in time to her previous life).

Splashdown - Karma Slave
The song that embodies the eternal quality about Abel and Johanna. Abel can't help but wonder why he is still alive after so long, while Johanna has been flung into her own future. And though they'd never admit it, they are wondering if once they have accomplished whatever they're supposed to, if they will be allowed to die.

Sting - Fragile
The softer and more emotional side to the previous song, here we see how in spite of everything that has happened, Johanna and Abel are fighting to hang onto their humanity and the emotions tht make them human.

SR-71 - Tomorrow
Delving into the depths of their psyches, both Johanna and Abel have a terrible power that frightens them even worse than it frightens everyone else. And with every day that passes, they wonder how much longer it will be before one of them snaps and loses control.

Alan Parsons Project - Don't Answer Me
There are so many, many things that the two of them would love to say to one another, but to do so could be disastrous. And so they must remain silent. However, in the event that either one of them breaks the silence, all they can do is pray that the other won't answer.

Craig Armstrong - Let It Be Love
The flipside of the previous song, although Abel and Johanna can never truly love one another (he is a priest, she is married and loves her husband, he's a Crusnik, she's a human, and all the other reasons), there is still a deep fondness and friendship between them. This song is the representation of that single impossibility between them.

Within Temptation - It's the Fear
The other song that embodies the powers inside of Johanna and Abel, we now see that the only way that they know how to deal with it is to treat the power as a separate entity, something that is not really 'them.' And as with the other song, we see the inherent fear of what they can do with their abilities, not only to the world, but to each other.

Sarah Brightman - Deliver Me
The song that Johanna sings to Abel as she lies dying after saving his life, here we see that each views the other as a source of strength and light that they'd never expected to find. And now that they have it, both of them will do anything to keep from losing the only salvation they may ever find in the world.

Red - Breathe Into Me
When Abel and Johanna finally snap, the results are disastrous - and the only one who can pull them out of it is the other. It also hints at the semi-suicidal nature/infatuation with death that they both have, as well as hard they try to deny the darkness within them. Additionally, this song more than any of the others represents what Abel puts Johanna through when she journeys through his memories.

Barbra Streisand - My Heart Belongs to Me
In the end, as close as they are, Johanna and Abel remain separate. Unable to love one another in the traditional sense, they can only share a profound and loving friendship, and even that will be lost when all is said and done after Johanna returns to the past, leaving Abel behind.

Vertical Horizon - Forever
Of all the things that have happened to them, the hardest thing for them to deal with is the fact that when Johanna is forced to return to her own time, they never have the chance to truly say goodbye.

Legend of Dragoon - If You Still Believe
Even after her return to the past, neither Abel nor Johanna can forget what they shared. Separated by a thousand years, not a day passes where they do not think of one another... wondering if there will ever come the day when they can see one another again.

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